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What is aspSmartMail?

aspSmartMail is an email script used by web pages and applications written in Classic ASP. As a server-side component, aspSmartMail can be used to send email from an application or web page without the need to launch or configure a separate email application. aspSmartMail is able to avoid using a client-side email application by making use of the hosting provider’s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server to send emails. In addition to sending emails, aspSmartMail offers other helpful features such as the ability to send attachments, and provide read or return receipts.


Active Server Pages (ASP), the server-side script engine that aspSmartMail was designed to work with, has been superseded by ASP.NET. As a means of differentiation ASP is now often referred to as Classic ASP. Microsoft has pledged to continue offering support for both Classic ASP and ASP.NET on all Windows servers running the latest version of Internet Information Services (IIS) for the foreseeable future. So aspSmartMail is still a functional script. However, the aspSmart line of products, including aspSmartMail, has been discontinued, including support. As a result of the lack of ongoing support and development users of aspSmartMail should consider alternative products.

If you are looking for a host that can support the Classic ASP environment we recommend checking out hosting providers that offer Windows servers optimized for the ASP framework. Classic ASP web pages will continue to function on Windows servers running the latest version of Internet Information Services (IIS). However, it always a good idea to check with a hosting provider if you plan to use a legacy product such as aspSmartMail.

What are some of the features offered by aspSmartMail?

While aspSmart, the original developers of aspSmartMail, did charge for support the component itself has always been completely free to download and install. Considering that it is a free component aspSmartMail is surprisingly full-featured and offers the following properties and advanced controls:

  • Support for both plain text and HTML email.
  • Customizable priority to one of five different levels.
  • The ability to request return receipts when messages are received, and request read receipts once the message has been read.
  • Attach one or more files to the message.
  • Send email to one or multiple email addresses differentiating each recipient as normal (To), carbon copy (CC), or blind copy (BCC).
  • Designate a specific reply-to address even when it isn’t the same as the sending address.
  • Use custom email headers.

What does aspSmartMail cost?

While aspSmart, the original developers of aspSmartMail, did charge for support instances the component itself has always been completely free to download and install. However, support for aspSmartMail was withdrawn several years ago it is no longer available for download from aspSmart. In addition, aspSmart itself no longer maintains a web presence.

What are some alternatives to aspSmartMail?

If you are looking for a currently supported Classic ASP component with similar functionality as aspSmartMail you might consider the JMail by Dimac Development. JMail is offered in a free version with limited features, and paid versions with an impressive array of features including support for POP3, PGP encryption, and Mail Merge - all options that are not offered by aspSmartMail. JMail is easy to use, with ongoing support and development, and is well documented.

Since Classic ASP has been superseded by the ASP.NET framework you might also consider migrating your web page or application to ASP.NET and selecting a component built to operate in Windows .NET environment. One such option is JMail.NET by Dimac Development. JMail.NET is the successor to JMail much as ASP.NET is the successor to Classic ASP

How do I install aspSmartMail?

In the past aspSmartMail was available as a one-click install by many hosting providers. However, with support for the product withdrawn by the developer most hosting companies have also dropped aspSmartMail from their list of available one-click add-ons.

Since aspSmartMail is no longer supported or distributed by aspSmart your first step in preparation for a manual installation will be to locate the installation files - a tall order for a discontinued product. If you do have access to the installation files the next step is to check with your hosting company to make sure you have enabled Script Mail so that you can send emails out via SMTP.

The installation process for aspSmartMail can be broken down into three steps:

  • Decompress the installation files.
  • Install the aspSmartMail.dll component on the server.
  • Running the installation script to install the samples, comprising scripts, and html pages.

aspSmartMail Pros and Cons

Pros: aspSmartMail is a completely free full-featured email script that allows web page users to send email without using a client-side application. This functionality is a core feature of modern contact options for virtually all web pages. aspSmartMail delivers a critical service, does so for free, and offers a wealth of options.

Cons: While still functional on Windows servers aspSmartMail is no longer supported or offered for download by the developer. This means that even if you can get access to the installation files it’s probably best to look for another solution.

Server Requirements

The aspSmartMail script is designed web pages developed in the Active Server Pages (ASP) server-side scripting engine. While it is no longer available for purchase, it should still operate acceptably in a Windows environment. ASP is supported by all currently supported Windows servers. In addition, aspSmartMail makes use of the servers SMTP mail server. So any host offering space on a Microsoft server and support for SMTP mail should provide the technology necessary to host ASP generated web pages and the aspSmartMail script, but it’s always a good idea to confirm that the host you’re considering can support the technology you plan to use before making any commitments.

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